Solved: Install ifconfig and ssh in Ubuntu

In this post we will see how to install ifconfig and ssh in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus. You can install both or either of them independently .


By default you can check IP details in Ubuntu using

ip addr

But if you are more comfortable with “ifconfig”  then follow on.


Ensure that your Ubuntu instance is connected to internet or to your local package repository server from which it can pull packages.

If you need ifconfig in your ubuntu server use following commands.

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Solved: How to create an image of a docker container.

So you have completed all the installation on a docker container and now you want to keep it as golden image.

Golden images are useful when you want to create more containers with same configuration. This also ensure that when you ship an image from Dev to UAT or Prod it will be exactly same as it was when you tested it.


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Solved: Error when allocating new name – Docker

Error response from daemon: Error when allocating new name: Conflict. The container name "/webserver" is already in use by container 6c34a8wetwyetwy7463462d329c9601812tywetdyud76767d65f7dc7ea58d8541. You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.

If you see the above error it is because a container with same name exist.

Let’s check our running containers


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Solved: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 encryption error while updating S3 bucket

The authorization mechanism you have provided is not supported. Please use AWS4-HMAC-SHA256.

Above error means that you are trying to do activity on a bucket in a region which doesn’t support AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 encryption.

Some of the new AWS regions do not support AWS4-HMAC-SHA256.

So if you have created the bucket in regions like Frankfurt or Mumbai you may see this error.


AWS in future may fix this issue. But, till that time you can try to create the bucket in another older region in US and continue working.

Solved: Conflicting conditional operation error while creating S3 bucket

A conflicting conditional operation is currently in progress against this resource. Please try again.

You can get above error when you are creating an S3 bucket.

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AWS Crash Course – Elastic Beanstalk

Welcome back to AWS Crash Course.

In the last section we discussed about EBS.

In this section we will discuss about AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


AWS Elastic Beanstalk makes it even easier for developers to quickly deploy and manage applications in the AWS cloud. Developers simply upload their application, and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment details of capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and application health monitoring.

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Azure Crash Course – Web Apps

Azure is quickly adding services in it’s portfolio.

Three of the Azure services “Web Apps”, “Cloud Services” and “API Apps” provide services which are equivalent to AWS Elastic Benastalk.

In this article we will be discussing about Web Apps.


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