Solved: Using filezilla for transferring files to AWS EC2 instances

Filezilla is a great free opensource tool for securely transferring files to and from Unix and Linux servers.

If not already downloaded you can download filezilla from here .

By default you can enter user id and password  of destination server to connect to it on port 22.

But in case of AWS EC2 instances you don’t get password instead you use the ssh key to connect to it.

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AWS Crash Course – Redshift

Redshift is a data warehouse from Amazon. It’s like a virtual place where you store a huge amount of data.

  • Redshift is fully managed petabyte-scale system
  • Amazon Redshift is based on PostgreSQL 8.0.2
  • It is optimized for data warehousing
  • Supports integrations and connections with various applications, including, Business Intelligence tools
  • Redshift provides custom JDBC and ODBC drivers.
  • Redshift can be integrated with CloudTrail for auditing purpose.
  • You can monitor Redshift performance from CloudWatch.

Features of Amazon Redshift

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How to create a multi node redshift cluster?

In this tutorial we will see how to create a multi node Amazon Redshift  cluster. If you are new to Redshift refer to our AWS Crash Course – Redshift .

Pre-requisites :-

You will have to create an IAM role and Security Group for Redshift.

Refer How to create a Security Group and How to create an IAM role .

Once you have created the role and security group follow below steps:-

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