Manage spam in WordPress for free without plugin or coding


In this post we will show you how you can manage the spam comments on your website without installing a plugin or tweaking the code.

All of us who manage a website or blog knows what a menace are spam comments. These spam can easily ruin the experience of your visitors and may also degrade your ranking in search engines.

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How to extend or grow a linux filesystem under LVM

In this post we will see how to grow a Linux filesystem without reboot.

  • Let’s check our current filesystem. We want to extend this filesystem by 200MB.
[root@cloudvedas CVFS1]# df -h /CVFS1
Filesystem                  Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/cvsvg-cldvdsvol1 47M 12M    32M  26%   /CVFS1
[root@cloudvedas CVFS1]#
  • First check if we have free space in VG

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LVM Crash course

In this post we will give you a crash course on Linux LVM (Logical Volume Manager). This post will cover the most used LVM commands in a Linux Admin life.

Below commands are for RHEL 7.

All the below commands will require root access. You can either run them with sudo  or switch to root user as mentioned below.

sudo su -

Install LVM

[root@cloudvedas ~]# yum install lvm2*

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AWS CLI Elastic Beanstalk cheat sheet

In our last post we have seen how to use EB CLI for managing elastic beanstalk through command line.  But, you can also manage elastic beanstalk using traditional AWS CLI. In this post you will find  AWS CLI cheat sheet for the same.

If you are new to Elastic Beanstalk, it’s recommended that you go through this free AWS Elastic Beanstalk crash course.

Below are the major commands used frequently while managing the elastic beanstalk environment.

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Solved: Exceeded EC2 Instance Quota

You may face an error like “Exceeded EC2 Instance Quota” while you are trying to spin up new instances either standalone or in cluster.

This error is caused because you have hit the limit on number of instances allowed in your AWS account.

This limit is region and instance size specific. To get rid of this error you will have to request Amazon to increase the EC2 instance limit.

Requesting a limit increase is simple. Please follow below steps to know more.

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