How to sell other state car

When I planned to move from Gurgaon to Pune I was in dilemma over whether to sell my Gurgaon registered car in Gurgaon or take it with me to Pune.

Since the new company I was joining was paying for relocation so car shifting cost was not an issue.

But, when you move between different states of India you get a grace period after which you have to register your car in the new state(Maharashtra) after taking NOC from the home state(Haryana). You also have to pay a hefty amount for road tax and registration charges in new state depending upon your car price and how old it is. Theoretically you can get the refund of the money you spent on road tax while registering the car in Haryana and use it to register the car in Maharashtra, but I couldn’t find any clear guideline on how to get this refund. Also, on internet I have read stories of many people trying to get refund from last many years but no luck.    You can read more about how to pay “one time tax” in Team BHP post about how to pay OTT on your vehicle of other state.

Since my car was only 3 years old and in good condition I didn’t want to sell it. But after knowing about the hassles of transferring the car I planned to sell it in Gurgaon itself.  When I approached few dealers all of them offered a paltry amount . I was not happy to sell my car at such low price so I finally decided to take it with me to Pune.

I used the car for few months in Pune and after that, I got an onsite opportunity. Now, I was again in dilemma as I have to get rid of my car and when I decided to sale it in Pune people were either not willing to buy an other state car or they offered very low price.  I had one option to ship the car back to Gurgaon where one of my relative can sell it.

Steps to Sell the Car

While searching for other options I came across Cars24. I visited their Hinjawadi office and told them about my car’s situation. They thoroughly inspected the car and found it to be in good condition. They told me that they will put my car for bidding and within 30 minutes let me know the offered price. They also told me that they will deduct about Rs 10500 for transferring my car back to Haryana and another Rs 3000 for service charges like registering my car on the new owner’s name etc. I thought lets check the price offered. After half an hour agent came back to me with the offered price. To my surprise the price offered was more than what was offered to me in Gurgaon when I tried to sell the car few months back.  Even after their standard deductions I found the deal to be good.

So I agreed to sell my car. They offered me two payment option. One is of instant payment where they will pay me the amount instantly after deducting Rs 20000 which will be paid to me after my car reaches Haryana. Also, they will deduct Rs 1000 for instant payment charges. Else, I can get the whole amount after few days. I opted for instant payment.

After providing them my car keys, and documents like insurance, registration etc. , my  personal info and photographs, the payment was done instantly in my account. The whole process took less then 2 hours. The remaining 20000 was also transferred to my account after around 15 days. I was highly impressed with the way it was handled by the Cars 24 team.

But the last test of transferring the ownership was still pending. They said it will take 2-3 months to get the ownership transferred. But, I was nervous because if the car is not transferred to new owner and the car got into an accident then police may come looking for me. I contacted Cars24 after 2 months to check why the car is not yet registered on new owner’s name. They told me to wait for some more time. After about 1 month I got a mail that my car is now registered on new owner’s name. I checked on parivahan website and found that my car is now registered to a different owner.

This whole experience of selling my out of state car with Cars24 was smooth and it’s the easiest way I could find to sell my car quickly in a different state at a decent price.

Tokyo : Where to get affordable branded shoes

Shoe shopping can be bit expensive in Tokyo specially if you are brand conscious and looking for specific American Brands. In this post we will let you know where you can get a good pair of branded shoes at affordable rates.


ABC-Mart is one of the largest shoe store chain in Japan. It has stock of many Japanese and Foreign brands. If you are looking for Nike, Adidas and Puma kind of brands then this is the right place to be. You can spot their bright yellow colored banners in many big markets. Our personal favorite is Ueno market where they have 3 to 4 stores in different streets.  Generally you can find decent American brand shoes from JPY 4000 onwards over here.  The staff is courteous and help you explore many options.

Tip:- We noticed price variations even between different ABC-Mart stores in Ueno market so you may want to try multiple stores before finalizing. Do note that they don’t offer tax-free shopping.

You can find all of their stores here.

London Sports

Another shoe store chain which keeps many shoe brands is London Sports. Again in Ueno market you can find their stores. You can get a branded shoe here from as low as JPY 2000 though, it may look bit old. We came to know that they keep some old shoe models and thus they are cheap. If you are not conscious about the latest models then you can get a good bargain here. You will see a lot of other branded sports items in the store and the stores are generally crowded because of ongoing deals.

Tip:- They also offer you discount if you have Line app installed. And the shopping is tax-free if you are carrying your passport along.

You can get more reviews of London Sports here on Trip Advisor

In both the stores you will also find shoes of many Japanese brands. Our suggestion is that you should try those too as they are also of very good quality and at affordable rates.

Let us know in the comment section how was your experience in these stores.

Solved: How to get Provisional Interest Certificate for housing loan from PNB (Punjab National Bank)

You can get the Provisional Interest Certificate from Punjab National bank both offline and online. Below we will discuss the process of both the methods.

Offline method:-

  • To get the Provisional Interest Certificate offline you will have to visit the branch from which your home loan is disbursed. But this can be a problem if you have shifted to another city.
  • If you cannot visit the branch, you can also try to get the certificate on mail. For this you will have to drop a mail to the email id of the branch from which you got loan. You may also have to make some follow-up calls. You can get the email id and contact number of branch from this link of PNB website. But, this may take time as some people in branch are not aware of this email facility and will simply tell you to visit the branch.

Best way to avoid any hassles is to follow online method discussed below.

Online method:-

You can also get the Provisional Interest Certificate online. For this you will have to login to the internet banking of Punjab National bank. Below we will show you the steps involved.

  • Once you login to PNB internet banking. Click on Manage Accounts. Under the E-Interest Certificates select Housing Loan.

  • It will ask you to select the account number for which you need Provisional Interest Certificate. Once you select  the account you can either download or email the Provisional Interest Certificate.

Hope this helps. Do let us know if you have any query.

Swagat – Indian Restaurant in Japan


If you are an Indian in Japan specially veggie you may have to struggle a bit for food if you don’t cook at home.

In this series I am writing review of few good Indian restaurants in Japan which serves veg/non-veg food at reasonable rates.

I’ve recently visited Swagat restaurant in Roppongi.

Other then the normal lunch set, they also serve thali. In thali you get phulkas which is a change from many other Indian restaurant in Tokyo which serves only naan.

In veggies I’ve tried Bhindi, Aaloo Gobhi, Mutter Paneer etc. over there and all tastes really good.

The lunch can cost you from 900 yen to 1200 Yen. Please be aware that the dinner cost in many Indian restaurants in Tokyo is high. You can end up spending 1500Yen to 2500 Yen for dinner.

The staff in restaurant is courteous and friendly. They can modify few dishes as per your taste buds on request.

You can get the location of restaurant here .

You can also read some tripadvisor reviews here .

Do give it a try,  and let us know how was your experience!

How to change punctured wheel of a car

Before your start replacing the punctured wheel get these things ready.

  • Jack and It’s handle
  • Spanner to unscrew
  • Good wheel (of course!)

Now let’s do it.

Step 1 :- Park the car on a flat ground.

Step 2 :- Put it in first or reverse gear and turn off the car so that it doesn’t move.

Step 3 :- Next step is to remove the wheel cap. Generally the wheel caps are not fixed with screws(check next step if it is fixed with screws). So try to slowly pull out  the cap from different points on cap. There will be one point where the cap will be loose and you can easily pull out the wheel cap from there.

Step 4 :- Some wheel caps may be fixed with the screws of wheel.  To loosen the screws, you will have to unscrew them in anticlockwise direction using a spanner. When you loosen the screws, unscrew the one’s opposite to each other first instead of side-by-side. Don’t remove the screws completely now. It will be done in next steps.

Step 5 :- Take a picture of the wheel which you want to replace. This will help if you have any confusion while putting the good wheel or screws back.

Step 6 :- Fix the jack below the car near the punctured wheel. Refer to the car manual if you don’t know how to use the Jack. Ensure that you don’t put jack below the plastic parts. It should be below the metal body of the car. Lift the car with jack using the jack handle only after you have slightly loosened the screws as the wheel may just keep on rolling if it’s already in air.

Step 7 :- Punctured tire should be in air now, approximately a centimeter above the ground. Once you have loosened and removed all the screws remove the punctured tire. The wheel may be tight so give it some strokes and try to pull it out. Be careful while pulling out  as the wheel can be heavier than you expect.

Step 8 :- Get the good wheel from the back of your car and put it in the place from where you removed the punctured wheel.

Step 9 :- Tighten up the screws just with hands to ensure that the wheel is fitted properly.

Step 10 :- Now wind the jack down to ensure car wheels are resting on ground.

Step 11 :- Tighten the screws with spanner using your hand first and later with foot to ensure its tightened properly.

Congrats you have successfully replaced a punctured wheel. That’s all folks!