Solved: Create virtual environment with python 3 in linux

Once you have installed python 3.6 as described in the last post you can create virtual environment to work with it.

  • First let’s install the package of virtual environment for python 3.


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sudo yum install -y python3-venv


sudo apt-get install -y python3-venv 

  • Create a directory for you virtual environment and get inside it.
mkdir virtualenvs
cd virtualenvs
  • Now let’s create our virtual environment.
python3.6 -m venv cloudvedasenv
  • Finally activate the new virtual environment. Notice the new environment name in brackets once you run the source command. That means you are now inside the virtual environment.
[ec2-user@cloudvedas ~]$ source cloudvedasenv/bin/activate

(cloudvedasenv) [ec2-user@cloudvedas ~]$
  • If you want to install a package inside the virtual environment you can use pip .
(cloudvedasenv) [ec2-user@cloudvedas ~]$ pip install zappa requests flask


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