Swagat – Indian Restaurant in Japan


If you are an Indian in Japan specially veggie you may have to struggle a bit for food if you don’t cook at home.

In this series I am writing review of few good Indian restaurants in Japan which serves veg/non-veg food at reasonable rates.

I’ve recently visited Swagat restaurant in Roppongi.

Other then the normal lunch set, they also serve thali. In thali you get phulkas which is a change from many other Indian restaurant in Tokyo which serves only naan.

In veggies I’ve tried Bhindi, Aaloo Gobhi, Mutter Paneer etc. over there and all tastes really good.

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The lunch can cost you from 900 yen to 1200 Yen. Please be aware that the dinner cost in many Indian restaurants in Tokyo is high. You can end up spending 1500Yen to 2500 Yen for dinner.

The staff in restaurant is courteous and friendly. They can modify few dishes as per your taste buds on request.

You can get the location of restaurant here .

You can also read some tripadvisor reviews here .

Do give it a try,  and let us know how was your experience!

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