Tokyo : Where to get affordable branded shoes

Shoe shopping can be bit expensive in Tokyo specially if you are brand conscious and looking for specific American Brands. In this post we will let you know where you can get a good pair of branded shoes at affordable rates.


ABC-Mart is one of the largest shoe store chain in Japan. It has stock of many Japanese and Foreign brands. If you are looking for Nike, Adidas and Puma kind of brands then this is the right place to be. You can spot their bright yellow colored banners in many big markets. Our personal favorite is Ueno market where they have 3 to 4 stores in different streets.  Generally you can find decent American brand shoes from JPY 4000 onwards over here.  The staff is courteous and help you explore many options.

Tip:- We noticed price variations even between different ABC-Mart stores in Ueno market so you may want to try multiple stores before finalizing. Do note that they don’t offer tax-free shopping.

You can find all of their stores here.

London Sports

Another shoe store chain which keeps many shoe brands is London Sports. Again in Ueno market you can find their stores. You can get a branded shoe here from as low as JPY 2000 though, it may look bit old. We came to know that they keep some old shoe models and thus they are cheap. If you are not conscious about the latest models then you can get a good bargain here. You will see a lot of other branded sports items in the store and the stores are generally crowded because of ongoing deals.

Tip:- They also offer you discount if you have Line app installed. And the shopping is tax-free if you are carrying your passport along.

You can get more reviews of London Sports here on Trip Advisor

In both the stores you will also find shoes of many Japanese brands. Our suggestion is that you should try those too as they are also of very good quality and at affordable rates.

Let us know in the comment section how was your experience in these stores.