Solved: How to resize Docker Quickstart Terminal Window

By default in Windows 7 Docker Quickstart Terminal Window size will be small. But it can be very annoying to work in such small window.

Here we will show you how to increase the window size as per your requirement.

  • Open the Docker Quickstart Terminal as an Administrator.
  • Right Click on the Blue whale icon on top of  Docker Quickstart Terminal .

  • Click “Properties” and Select “Layout” tab.
  • Increase the “Width” and “Height” of “Window Size” as per your requirement.
  • Finally Click OK and try re-opening the Terminal.

That’s all folks!

Solved: How to copy paste in Docker Quickstart Terminal

If you want to copy/paste the contents on Docker Quickstart Terminal using mouse follow these steps.

  • Open the Docker Quickstart Terminal as an Administrator.
  • At the top of terminal right Click on the Blue Whale icon and select “Defaults”.
  • In the “Options” tab of new window check the QuickEdit Mode(refer image below) and click OK.


  • Now with mouse left click you can select the content and paste with right click.