Solved: Using filezilla for transferring files to AWS EC2 instances

Filezilla is a great free opensource tool for securely transferring files to and from Unix and Linux servers.

If not already downloaded you can download filezilla from here .

By default you can enter user id and password  of destination server to connect to it on port 22.

But in case of AWS EC2 instances you don’t get password instead you use the ssh key to connect to it.

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AWS Crash Course – EC2

We are starting this series on AWS to give you a decent understanding of different AWS services. These will be short articles which you can go through in 15-20 mins everyday.

You can check the complete series here of AWS Crash Course .


  • AWS compute is part of it’s IaaS offerings.
  • With compute, you can deploy virtual servers to run your applications.
  • Don’t have to wait for days or weeks to get your desired server capacity.
  • You can manage the OS or let AWS manage it for you.
  • It can be used to build mobile apps or running massive clusters.
  • You can even deploy application serverless.
  • It provides high fault tolerance.
  • Easy scalability and load balancing.
  • You are billed as per your usage.

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