Comparing AWS, Azure and Redhat exams

In last couple of years I’ve given certification exams of multiple cloud providers. While AWS and Azure exams are more theoretical and based on multiple choice questions. Redhat Openstack is practical lab exam. In this article I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of the different exam patterns.

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How to prepare for EX210 – RHCSA in Red Hat OpenStack Exam

Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack exam tests the Openstack management skills of candidate.  Before you start preparing for this exam you should understand basic Linux. Redhat recommends skills of at least the level of RHCSA-RHEL. And this level is important as it’s a lab exam and you have to answer the questions by doing them practically.

If you are a newbie on linux  and want to quickly master linux you can check Learn Linux course on Udemy.

Here I am listing few Linux commands and topics which you should know before sitting for the Redhat Openstack exam.

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Most of the services provided by different cloud providers are same as what you do in on-premises setup, they just have a different name in cloud. Below is comparison of major services offered by different cloud providers and what they mean in simple laymen terms. Hope this is helpful to you.

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